Top Five Must See Tourist Destinations in India

India is one of the most incredible countries on earth. It is special in various ways for instance its locality, lifestyle, cultures, ethics, gatherings, meals and folks. Indian land is gifted with marvelous plants and it has the magic to create a center of attention in millions of tourists to India.

There are various tourist attractions in India that are really astonishing and outstanding. The modern Indian resident is also full of up to date technology elements and it has the component to attract thousands of tourists to determine its important status. Here I would like to discuses some important attractive locations that are not only appealing but also make happy your daring needs. If you have any plan to visit in India, don’t forget to visit those attractions.

Indian tour is always a wonderful experience not only for once visitor but also for those tourists who really like to visit more than once. You can find here various never ending attractions. These attractions are always staying in your memories once you left in India. Here is helpful information about top five most visited tourist places in India with pictures. I know it’s not an easy task to find just top five Indian tourist attractions, am sure that I am missed many places but surely I will update those places in my coming posts.

The Top Five Tourist Destinations in India

1. Taj Mahal

2. Kashmir

3. Mysore


4. Goa Pristine Beaches

5. Kerala (Backwaters)


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