Top Five Indian News Websites: A complete News Resources

Through this post I would like to discuss about top five news site based on India. The top five lists describe here it’s based on various souses and my daily experience. We know that news is integral part of every human’s life. But the interest may be varying depends on the news category. Someone like only political news, some others like entertainment, sports etc…

The users can visit their website and will get up-to-date information in every second. It’s very easy process. You will not be capable to approach such a huge area of information and news anywhere else but in a news websites you can. They are really inclusive and comprehensive to a point that all your wish to know about a fastidious happening will be satisfied as soon as you press the right clicks.

1.Times of India

The Times is one of the well reputed main Indian newspapers. Motorized by, this website provides you all the latest actions and incidents around the world on your computer or mobile. Through this site you can read the national and international headlines and be the first to know the breaking news of the hour. If you like to read the e-paper version this site also provided facilities for that.


2.Economic Times

The Economic Times is another popular and trusted newspaper brand when it comes to delivering all the news and activities of the economic world. The site of The Economic Times delivers to you the top stories of the countrywide and worldwide economies around the world. You will get complete updates regarding to the e financial and business sector.


3.The Hindustan Times

The Hindustan Times, one of the prominent newspapers in the country, they always gives the top stories, news and actions of the day. You will also get city editions and go through the special stories, special supplements and other attractive sections.


4.NDTV the leading private news production home of India always gives widespread coverage of news, events and present affairs across the country and the world for their viewers. Visit the top stories, breaking news and NDTV exclusives sections, brought to you by a team of NDTV and quality professionals.


5.Indian Express is a division of the Indian Express group. This site provides both national and international headlines. The Indian Express website also provides various categories for their viewers one section with high viewership is top breaking news of the day. You can visit sections for news and articles related to sports, business, entertainment, technology and so on.



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