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Top Five Tour operators India: Find The Best One for Your Travel

Are you planning your next trip to India? If so, it is vital for you to find the correct tour operator for travelling in India. India is a land of varied cultures, traditions, people and lifestyles. Therefore, planning a trip to this amazing piece of land will definitely give you a memorable incident. If you look in the Indian tour operators market, you will come across various tour operators, who are provides various kinds of tour packages to India.

When using the right and perfect tour operators in India, the efforts become lighter. The operators deal with all planning and make every effort to meet up tourists articulate needs to visit, everything they hope to watch, their finances, buying, time, food items, hobbies, shopping, etc.

Before you find the right and best tour operator for travelling in India, it is very essential to know about the excellence of the service they provide for the customers. Here I prepared a list of top five tour operators list, it’s not all about the tour operators, You can also use various sources for confirming the details.

Top Five Tour operators in India

1. Yatra:

Yatra is one of the India’s leading online travel company founded in August 2006. Thery are the leading tour operators in India .They are provides various services for their customers like international air travel, railway reservation, hotel bookings, holiday packages, buses, and car rentals. They are provides the top class services for their customers always. Official website:

2. FocuzTours:

They are just started but they make good impression on tourism industry. Focuztours services are unique and exceptional to offer a royal holiday for the tourists in India. Focuztours is prepared and up to there with our well organized tour packages in order to make the tourists stunned and amazed. Focuztours patently put forward attractive and diverse deals that will make the traveler’s holiday experience unforgettable and fun filled. Focuztours makes the tourists to be comfortable and need not be to worry about any part of their travel. Official website:

2. MakeMyTrip:

MakeMyTrip is one of another leading Best Tour Operators. MakeMyTrip offered various price range tour packages for their customers. It offers various services such as booking of national/international flights, as well as booking of hotels, railways, bus, car, cruise etc. No travel insurance is provided with their tour packages. The main complaints with this sites is their customer support is very bad , once their customer trying to contact them not connected call with their customer support desk , they not provided travel insurance. Official website:

4. Expedia:

Expedia is the world’s leading online travel company and operates travelers around the world. This travel website has its simple and clear design. No any adds and over color effects, they are cool in their design,  It offers various services such as booking of national/international flights, as well as booking of hotels, railways, bus, car, cruise etc. Online cancellation is available under this service. They are not provided some very useful services like providing info about place, weather with their site. They don’t have mobile websites. Official website:

5. Travelguru:

Travelguru, a Travelocity Company is India’s Largest Hotel Network, offering you the best prices on hotels & holiday packages across India and the world. Most of the customer reviewed that this service is working in an inappropriate manner. Their customer support is very bad they are available only between (8 to 10 pm) only USA & UK toll free number available. They don’t have currency converter with their site and they are not providing travel insurance. Official website:


Top Five Must See Tourist Destinations in India

India is one of the most incredible countries on earth. It is special in various ways for instance its locality, lifestyle, cultures, ethics, gatherings, meals and folks. Indian land is gifted with marvelous plants and it has the magic to create a center of attention in millions of tourists to India.

There are various tourist attractions in India that are really astonishing and outstanding. The modern Indian resident is also full of up to date technology elements and it has the component to attract thousands of tourists to determine its important status. Here I would like to discuses some important attractive locations that are not only appealing but also make happy your daring needs. If you have any plan to visit in India, don’t forget to visit those attractions.

Indian tour is always a wonderful experience not only for once visitor but also for those tourists who really like to visit more than once. You can find here various never ending attractions. These attractions are always staying in your memories once you left in India. Here is helpful information about top five most visited tourist places in India with pictures. I know it’s not an easy task to find just top five Indian tourist attractions, am sure that I am missed many places but surely I will update those places in my coming posts.

The Top Five Tourist Destinations in India

1. Taj Mahal

2. Kashmir

3. Mysore


4. Goa Pristine Beaches

5. Kerala (Backwaters)